Manual Mechanical operating table

Although the vast majority of operating rooms have adopted electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical operating tables as standard, they are highly functional and easy to operate. However, there are still many regions around the world that cannot afford those high costs, so purely mechanical operating tables are still popular with some groups.

The manual  mechanical operating table product consists of a frame section, hood, pillars, side rails, handles, adjustment levers, pedal lines, and mattresses.


General Hot Selling Products

Although the development of electric operating tables is very mature and advanced, more and more hospitals are using more advanced electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical operating tables, but there are still some regions and doctors are still accustomed to manual operating tables, her advantages are cheap and not limited with the power outage or not. The failure rate is relatively low.

SnMech3702 operation table

This product is made up by three parts, including the table
top, the table support & the underframe.
The table top is made up by the head section, the back
section, the waist section, the seat section & the leg section.
Through the transmission mechanism can achieve all kinds
of the table actions.

SnMech3703(F) operation table

This product is made up by three parts, including the table
top, the table support & the underframe.
The table top is made up by the head section, the back
section, the waist section, the seat section & the leg section.
Through the transmission mechanism can achieve all kinds
of the table actions.

SnMech3704 operation table

Manipulate the handwheel can make the back section turning up and down,
Control the handle can make the waist section raised and lowered.
Manipulate the handwheel can make the table top raised and lowered.
Control the handle can make the leg section turning up and down.

SnMech3705(F) operation table

it uses pedal-operated oil pump to control its elevation (up/down), easy to
operating and it is reliable. Because the operating table is all mechanically be
operated, so it wouldn’t be influenced by power cut, which is more reliable
and safer.
The operating table is widely used, easy to be operated and adjusted with
reliable performance, which is an ideal table for different hospital.
Be sure to read the instruction carefully before using, and keep it.

SnMech3712 operation table

The pedal oil pump is used to control the lifting, which is
convenient and reliable. Because the operating table is
mechanically operated, it will not be affected by power
failure, which is more reliable and safer.
The operating table has the advantages of wide use,
convenient operation, convenient adjustment and reliable
performance. It is an ideal operating

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The headquarters of JAVIN MEDICAL is located in Shanghai, 
From the beginning of the establishment of the factory 1993 to the present, we have inspired and steadily developed. The years of production history have accumulated rich scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales for the company. Specializing in the production and sale of LED surgical lights, operating surgical tables, medical gas pendants system , hospital beds, and other products.
It is committed to cultivating the  “DULI” and :PADERBORN”brand and gradually making efforts Realize a multi-market sales network


Production Process

1 Material Processing

2 Plastic spraying

3 Parts assembly

4 lamp assembly

5 Inspection

6 stock

Our engineer has something to say

Electric surgical lights are becoming more and more popular by manufacturer, and in medical institutions, they are generally installed in a fixed position and do not need to be moved, but in the process of use, there should be some precautions that the operator needs to master in order to facilitate better and safe use of medical equipment

Surgical shadowless light color temperature check

This is a more important point of the surgical shadowless lamp, good illumination and color temperature help doctors to carefully observe the patient’s wound tissue, distinguish organs, blood, etc., so close to the sunlight illumination and 4400-4600K color temperature is more suitable

Installation of surgical shadowless lamp Commissioning check

In this process is mainly to see the installation process screws are all in place and tightened, whether all kinds of decorative covers have been covered, or whether there are any other installation omissions.

Circuit check of surgical shadowless lamp products

Circuit safety check is a safety check point of the surgical shadowless lamp: the first is to check whether there is a short circuit or disconnection in the shadowless lamp under power failure, if not, then check again after the power is on whether the shadowless lamp power supply is stable and whether the transformer input voltage is stable and meets the requirements of the shadowless lamp.

Balance arm adjustment of surgical shadowless lamp

When the medical staff adjust the position of the surgical shadowless lamp, it is necessary to balance the arm system to carry out the force. When medical personnel adjust the position of the surgical shadowless lamp, it is necessary to balance the arm system for force, so you need to check whether the balance arm can be adjusted to the angle needed by medical personnel and whether it can be stressed.

Debugging check of joint flexibility of surgical shadowless lamp

Because of the need to adjust the angle of the shadowless lamp, the flexibility of the joint is also very important, mainly to adjust the damping screws of the joint, the standard stipulates that the damping adjustment of the degree of tightness is in any position to push or rotate the joint force is close to 20N or 5Nm.

Surgical shadowless lamp to adjust the lighting brightness depth

Because doctors are likely to need to view the depth of the patient’s wound during surgery, they need the surgical shadowless lamp to have a good lighting depth, which is generally better at a distance of 700-1400mm, about which the Pfeiffer shadowless lamp fully meets the requirements.

How you can choose the right surgical light

Different budgets, different types of surgery and different needs will determine your choice of operating lam
If your budget is sufficient and you have high requirements for all aspects of the product

1 paderborn series is your best choice,it is equipped with the best Osram chip system, perfect mold once formed, excellent heat dissipation and light system, convenient operating system, do a good job of shadowless effect

If you are dealing with a customer who wants a balance between surgical requirements and price

We prefer to recommend our duli series of surgical lights. They have a beautiful appearance, operational recommendations, mature systems, and can be customized with many features, such as motorized focus, shadow compensation, etc.

If the budget is limited and the customer's operational requirements are not very high

We recommend you to choose duli economical surgical lights, they have existed in the market for many years and are clinically very stable in all aspects, gaining the reputation of many small and medium-sized hospitals and clinics.


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