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In the history of modern medicine, the operating room has evolved from scratch to the present day, undergoing a series of evolutions. The history of the operating room is revealed by following historical clues to its origins and development. From the anatomy classroom to the surgical theater to the modern operating room, the purpose of the operating room design has changed from demonstrating teaching to eliminating infection until today’s constant pursuit of higher principles of asepsis. The introduction of asepsis and the application of anesthesia techniques have historically driven the development of the operating room. In the future, the renewal of scientific concepts and technological advances will also continue to advance the changes in the form and content of the operating room and move ever closer to the direction of medical humanism.

General operating room we basic necessary equipment by surgical lights (to the entire operation to provide dead-end lighting function, usually a double-headed shadowless lights, or single-headed hanging surgical lights suppliers), operating tables (with the surgical needs to adjust the patient needs to a variety of positions, there are also generally electro-hydraulic operating tables, electric pusher operating bed, purely mechanical operating tables and so on), tower system (for the operation to provide a variety of (monitors, saline racks, electrical equipment, gas equipment ventilation, the entire operating room space to provide indispensable role), ventilators (to provide the patient’s respiratory system needs), anesthesia machine (with the necessary general anesthesia or semi-anesthesia, local anesthesia needs), a variety of surgical instruments, trolleys for the placement of surgical instruments, the operating room digital imaging equipment system, to provide doctors with intuitive Clear visual effects and teaching system

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Development of the ot room

In recent years, with the continuous development of medical technology and engineering, manufacturers of medical equipment for the operating room have been using a wider and wider range of medical equipment with a higher degree of refinement and automation. The normal operation of medical equipment is closely related to the quality of surgery and medical safety, so how to choose to purchase a wide variety and large number of medical equipment is a serious situation facing operating room care managers. Although the performance and appearance of many foreign imported equipment is more stable, but the cost and delivery time is the most headache. The booming development of Chinese manufacturing, many equipment has been completely independent assets, in the functional effect can reach more than 95% of the advanced equipment in Europe and the United States. Already enough to meet the needs of surgery.

Operating room budget

As a hospital purchasing team or we deal with medical equipment agents, retailers. We probably also need to do some matching purchases based on our actual needs and budget.
We purchase equipment for the operating room, is it from the operating room? The clinical department? Equipment department? etc. Which one is responsible for the purchase?
Is it necessary for the medical staff to communicate and discuss the details with the equipment manufacturer?
Is the one in charge of the purchase to match the operating table or the selection of the supplier of the operating table with a certain budget according to the needs of the customer or the hospital?


Hospital Management

In summary, although many hospitals have partially carried out the management of medical equipment in the operating room, there are still many problems, such as the acquisition management, efficiency evaluation management, information management and traceability management of medical equipment is not perfect, the use process management lack of professional training, lack of effective preventive maintenance, etc.. Therefore, hospitals need to combine different medical needs, carry out the management of medical equipment in the operating room in a hierarchical and planned manner, standardize the quality management of all aspects of the equipment, realize the whole life cycle management of medical equipment in the operating room, and ensure the smooth operation process and the safety of surgical patients.


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