Powerful features, the best-selling Electric orthopedic navigation imaging operating Table

Electric orthopedic navigation imaging operation table is specially designed for expanding minimally invasive treatment, improving surgical accuracy, cooperating with modern medical imaging diagnostic techniques and stereotactic. Moreover, the product design meets the characteristics of ergonomic human anatomy, and can meet the requirements of neurosurgery, spinal surgery, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery, radiosurgery and 3D angiography by applying modern technology and humanized design concept.

Item Parameter
Table size (2400×530)±10mm
Height adjust 700-1000mm
Longitudinal sliding (260±20)mm(electric)
Trendelenburg/reverse 22°/22°(electric)
Lateral tilt left/right 18°/18°(electric)
Back plate up/down 60°/18°(electric)
Leg plate up/down 35°/90°(manual)
Head plate up/down 45°/90°(manual)
One Click Reset
Table panel X-ray attenuation coefficient (optional) ≤0.44mmAL
Table locked electric
Power AC:220V 50HZ 300VA
Net weight 300kg

snmot7800 surgical table

This operating table is not only made of excellent materials, but also meets most of the surgical needs in terms of parameters
1, his desktop is made of carbon fiber, the advantage is the strong bearing capacity and with x-ray machine photos more clear, no impurities. So his performance in the image of this piece is very excellent
2, his design style is simple, looks clear at a glance
3, his action parameters in all aspects of similar products is also very good, especially his 2400cm length is second to none.
4 Table panel X-ray attenuation coefficient (optional)
5you could customized the base color 

General Hot Selling Products

Since its inception in 1993, never stopping innovation and research and development, we at Valuable Medical have been working hard. From the first generation of Kong’s lamp to the overall reflection shadowless lamp, the use of color temperature compensation technology to enhance color recovery, more suitable for brain surgery, thoracic surgery and other large and complex surgical lighting, microcomputer digital control, with ten segments of brightness selection, and illumination memory function and wide voltage working characteristics, voltage AC160V-250V range of stable work, strong anti-interference ability. Finally to the most widely used modern led surgical lights, longer service life, generally consists of multiple lamp head, tied to the cantilever, can do vertical or circular movement, the cantilever is usually attached to the fixed combination of the device, and can be rotated around it. The shadowless lamp uses a sterilizable handle or sterilizable hoop (curved track) for flexible positioning, and has an automatic brake and stop function to manipulate its positioning, above and around the surgical site, to maintain a suitable space.

snmot7700 orthopedic operation table

This model is an electric operating table, which is suitable for various types of perations
in thoracic and abdominal surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, facial features, Urology
anorectal and orthopedics. The whole machine mainly adopts the transmission echanism
of electric push rod, which has good transmission stability, low noise and high safety
– The dual-mode operation design can be carried out according to the needs of customers,
so that it can be controlled not only by the manual controller, but also by the horizontal
screen controller on the column, which provides double guarantee for the operation

snmot5600 Brain surgery table

The lifting height of the operating table can be adjusted arbitrarily within the specified
range, which is conducive to the operation of medical staff and can meet the different needs
of various departments of the hospital, especially for the general surgery, orthopedic
traction, thoracic surgery, gynecological surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology.
obstetrics and gynecology, urology and other operations.
# The table top and cushion of operating table are fixed by frame structure. The table cushion
will not move when used. In addition, the table cushion of table can be disassembled, so as
to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

snmot5200 Cosmetic surgery table

SnMot 5200 electric integrated operating table for thoracic, abdominal surgery, brain surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedics, etc. to perform integrated operating table.

snmot7100 Ophthalmic operating tables

SnMot7100 ophthalmic operating table is suitable for ophthalmic surgery and cosmetic surgery
The whole machine mainly adopts the transmission mechanism of electric pusher, which electrically controls the movement of back plate, leg plate and lifting column, with good stability of transmission, low noise and high safety factor.

snmot5100 ENT operation table

SnMot5100 electric integrated operating table is specially designed for the operation table used for consultation and surgery in the department of ophthalmology and cosmetology. The backboard and bed lift are electrically operated, and the head is installed with a multi-functional hand rest to support the wrist and elbow for the doctor during surgery to reduce the doctor’s fatigue; the whole is made of high quality stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, easy to clean, stable performance, safe and reliable.

The FAQs about surgeryes

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We are the nature of industry and trade in one. We have 2 factories of our own


surgical light and operation ,our moq for 1 unit

normal products usually 1-5 days 

customized product usually 7-30 days

for total equipment we have 2 years warranty 

and for some parts we could keep 3 years

t/t,paypal,credit card ,western union ,L/C and so on

From your cost considerations and the volume and weight of the product itself, we generally prefer sea transport, some can also use rail transport or more urgent single with air transport. We will come up with the best solution to meet your current needs

usually you just contact with our sale people to confirm everything well 

Our factory products through the iso and EU CE mandatory certification, to ensure that your hands to the strict protection of each product

Test Report for Operation table

Technical Construction File  EN IEC60601-2-46:2019

Medical electrical equipment- Part 2-46:Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of operating tables

About us


The headquarters of JAVIN MEDICAL is located in Shanghai, 
From the beginning of the establishment of the factory 1993 to the present, we have inspired and steadily developed. The years of production history have accumulated rich scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales for the company. Specializing in the production and sale of LED surgical lights, operating surgical tables, medical gas pendants system , hospital beds, and other products.
It is committed to cultivating the  “DULI” and :PADERBORN”brand and gradually making efforts Realize a multi-market sales network


Production Process

1 Material Processing

2 Plastic spraying

3 Accessory assembly

4 table assembly

5 Quality Inspection

6 warehouse

Our technology has something to say

Electric surgical operation beds (tables) are becoming more and more popular, and in medical institutions, they are generally installed in a fixed position and do not need to be moved, but in the process of use, there should be some precautions that the operator needs to master in order to facilitate better and safe use of medical equipment

Prevention of tipping

If the operating table is not locked and the bed is not fixed after opening the base brake, the bed can be shifted and tipped when the operating table is operated or the patient is moved and converted, and the patient can fall into the bed. Therefore, the operating bed must be locked after the adjustment operation.

Prevent pinching or crushing

Do not place your feet under the base when releasing the base brake.

Prevent burns

prevent the patient’s skin from touching the surgical site when using the electric knife to avoid bypass burns to the heart.

Notice 1

Do not let the patient sit on the headboard, armboard or legboard of the surgical bed, excessive weight may cause bending damage to the accessories, the maximum load of the headboard and legboard is 40kg, when the two legboards are separated by more than 45° only 20kg can be loaded.

Notice 2

Do not use cleaning agents and water to spray or rinse the base, parts rust or malfunction.

Notice 3

After the surgery, the surgical bed if there is blood wipe with 84 disinfectant

How you can choose the right operating table

Different budgets, different types of surgery and different needs will determine your choice of operating table.
Our operating tables are classified into many categories, from ophthalmology, aesthetics, obstetrics, cerebral surgery, orthopedics, interventions, etc.
From the type of operation, we can also classify electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical and pure mechanical.
If your budget is sufficient and you have high requirements for all aspects of the product, we recommend that you choose a comprehensive or individual departmental electro-hydraulic operating table.

1 the snbase9900 and snbase8900, which are very powerful in all aspects, give you powerful functions that you can’t think of.
2 in the orthopedic surgery performance of snbase7700, with 450kg load capacity and can be matched with the carbon fiber panel and carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame, is the best choice for orthopedic surgery
3 , in the brain surgery reputation of the snbase6700 operating table, the lowest position of 550mm, up and down to 500mm to meet the multi-faceted needs of your surgery
4, in obstetrics, gynecology examination

If you are dealing with a customer who wants a balance between surgical requirements and price, we recommend that you choose our electro-mechanical operating tables

1, if you need very powerful features, the price budget is still good, you can choose our snmot7800, snmot7700, the function of the basic have.
2, if you need orthopedic aspects, you can choose our snmot6700, snmot5700
3, if you need surgery, brain surgery, then you can choose our snmot5600
4, if you need gynecology, obstetrics, you can choose our snmot7500a, snmot7500b, snmot7500c, snmot7300, etc.
5, if you need five organs, you can choose snmot7100, snmot5300, snmot5100, etc.

If the budget is limited and the customer's operational requirements are not very high

Here we have multiple purely manual mechanical operating tables to choose from, such as manual hydraulic, manual screw, hand crank control, etc.

How to Packing your orders before ship

We will use safe and environmentally friendly synthetic wood standard export packaging materials, solid and durable, can effectively protect your order in the long-distance transport does not receive damage.


Our factory supply OEM SERVICE for further market


Our factory can customize according to your hospital's bid order


Whether you are a distributor or a hospital clinic, we support a moq of 1 unit


our faster delivery time could be controlled within 2 days

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