KDLED700/500LED Operation Lamp

1 Standard round type lamp,700mm and 500mm*

2 Adopt a new LED cold light source, the illuminance

3 It can reach 30000-180000Lux can realize non-multi-stage adjustment of non-polar dimming;

4 the color temperature is in the range of 3700K-5000K, non-multi-stage adjustment of non-polar dimming. While meeting the high illumination, the illumination parameters are adjusted according to the needs of different surgeons, so that the perception of light by the surgeon is soft and not glare*The color rendering index 85-98 truly reflects the color of human tissue and is suitable for various surgical scenarios greatly reducing the visual fatigue caused by long-term surgery by medical staff.

Technology parameter

Dome LED700 LED500
Illumiance 40,000-180,000 30,000-160,000
Lamp bulb quantity 80 pcs 48pcs
Brand of bulb OSRAM OSRAM
Bulb life >60,000 hours >60,000 hours
Color Temp(K) 3700-5000 3700-5000
Color rendering index(Ra) 85-98 85-98
Lightbeam depeth 120cm 120cm
Diameter of spot 16-30cm 16-30cm
Light adjust range 1%-100% 1%-100%
Temp rise(Operator head) <1℃ <1℃
Laminar Flow not more than 30 not more than 30
control unit membrane buttons membrane buttons
Endo-light mode available available
Input power AC100-240V,50/60HZ AC100-240V,50/60HZ
Best install height 2.7-3.1m 2.7-3.1m

Packing list

Installation fixing plate &Rotating arm 1 SET
Balance arm 2 EA
700 head lamp 1 EA
500 head lamp 1 EA
Lamp base 1 EA
HANDLE sterilizer 4 EA
Fuse 2 EA
Plastic lamp base shell 1 EA
Wrench 1 SET
Safeguard: 10 pcs.

Details shows

Double ceiling ,single ceiling ,single mobile types


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