Manufacturer SurgerYes offers a wide range of medical pendant integration solutions in addition to their other products.

We boast a sprawling 10,000 square workshop that enables us to manufacture and customize a diverse range of medical pendant systems that cater to your specific requirements for operation and ICU room design. As your trusted supplier, we are committed to delivering superior quality and service that exceed your expectations.

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As a leading manufacturer of medical pendants, we aim to provide solutions that optimize the workspaces of healthcare facilities. Our pendants are designed to free up valuable ward space, keep equipment clean and organized, and simplify the operation of various medical devices. With JAVIN’s medical towers now widely used in nearly 1000 medical spaces throughout the country, our products have proven to be highly effective in optimizing ICU, CCU, EICU, NICU, and operating room environments. Our commitment to improving overall work efficiency and enhancing patient care continues to drive our innovation and growth in the medical industry.

why choose SurgerYes Medical-Surgical pendant

Here are a few good advantages, watch us show them one by one

Modularity of the box

*We offer customized combination solutions to meet your specific requirements.
Our fully enclosed system design ensures efficient cable and gas management, as well as easy cleaning.
Equipped with laminates, drawers, gas interfaces, power sockets, and information interfaces, our tower can seamlessly integrate various medical equipment such as diagnostic tools, patient monitors, medical ventilators, infusion racks, and syringe pumps. The tower’s large angle rotation feature provides medical personnel with ample space to work within the operating range.
Our interlocking holes and color differentiation design make it easy to identify and unplug without interfering with other terminals. This design ensures clinical use safety by avoiding interference with each other. Different gas terminals have unique interface shapes and colors to prevent misuse and interference with the respective pipeline space.

Pallet design

However, we can also customize the tray size according to your specific requirements.
In addition, the tray is equipped with four high-quality casters, which can be locked to ensure stability and safety during use. The casters are also designed to be noiseless and smooth, allowing for easy movement of the equipment.
Overall, the tray is an essential component of any medical facility and is designed to provide convenience and efficiency in equipment placement and organization. With its customizable features and durable construction, it is a reliable and practical solution for healthcare professionals.

Professional boom system equipment planner to help maximize flexibility in complex medical environments

The drawbridge trolley is designed with precision to ensure smooth and effortless movement during clinical use. Its cross-beam track is constructed using sturdy aluminum, which not only ensures smooth movement but also provides excellent load-bearing capacity and long-lasting durability.
Moreover, the trolley’s cantilever swivels a full 340°, making it easy to operate and increasing the usability of available space. This feature is particularly important in clinical settings, where efficient use of space can make a significant difference in patient care. With its smooth movement and versatile design, the drawbridge trolley is an excellent addition to any clinical environment.

A wide range of gas terminals with ports for you to choose from

We are pleased to offer a range of gas terminals that comply with various international standards, including those of China, the UK, Germany, and the USA. The type of gas terminal required would depend on the specific medical equipment being used. We advise our customers to carefully review their equipment specifications to ensure they select the appropriate terminal type.

What's SurgerYes could do more ?

We produce medical drawbridge systems

We offer a range of suspension bridges for your ICU needs, including wet and dry suspension bridges, double surgical suspension bridges, double lumpectomy suspension bridges, ICU conjoined suspension bridges, ICU cantilever suspension bridges, infusion suspension bridges, ICU lumpectomy cantilever suspension bridges, and ICU surgical cantilever suspension bridges. With so many options available, you can mix and match to ensure you have the right equipment to meet your medical needs in the ICU ward.

We produce medical lifting tower systems

Medical lifting towers come in a plethora of conventional models and offer high levels of customization. From surgical single arm towers to double arm towers and column surgical towers, there is a wide range of options available. Similarly, lumpectomy single arm towers, double arm towers, and column lumpectomy towers are also available. Anesthesia single-arm crane tower, double-arm crane tower, and column anesthesia tower are some other options that can be explored. Additionally, our towers can be divided into mechanical and electric, depending on your budget and specific requirements.

Test Report for Medical Pendant

Technical Construction File  EN IEC60601-2-46:2019

Medical electrical equipment- Part 2-46:Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of medical pendant

Production Process

1 Material Processing

2 Plastic spraying

3 Accessory assembly

4 pendant assembly

5 Quality Inspection

6 warehouse

The FAQs about surgeryes

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We are the nature of industry and trade in one. We have 2 factories of our own


surgical light and operation ,our moq for 1 unit

normal products usually 1-5 days 

customized product usually 7-30 days

for total equipment we have 2 years warranty 

and for some parts we could keep 3 years

t/t,paypal,credit card ,western union ,L/C and so on

From your cost considerations and the volume and weight of the product itself, we generally prefer sea transport, some can also use rail transport or more urgent single with air transport. We will come up with the best solution to meet your current needs

usually you just contact with our sale people to confirm everything well 

how to packing your order before ship

We will use safe and environmentally friendly synthetic wood standard export packaging materials, solid and durable, can effectively protect your order in the long-distance transport does not receive damage.


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javin medical pendant ,It is very convenient in the use of the operating room and saves a lot of space in the operating room.

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gas ,electric and load our medical equipment very well 


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