KDC-Y electric gynecology examination table

The electric gynecology examination table is designed for the convenience of gynecological clinical examination. It is powered by the electric push rod. All the electric movement position adjustment functions are controlled by the hand-held manipulator or foot switch. The mattress is sponge material . The mattress frame is sprayed with high-quality carbon steel. The appearance is beautiful, antibacterial and easy to clean.


Detail Parameter:

Inclination of the note section and the back section by manual 

Table size


Lifting table


Number of sections

3 pcs

Seat plate size

450*600*80 mm

back plate size 

800*600*80 mm

foot section size 

450*600*80 mm

packing list :

Under the reindeer supports

2 pcs

Remote controller or pedal

1 pc


2 pcs

Retractable gynecological vessel made of acid-resistant stainless steel

1 pc


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